Silhouette Cutter Silhouette Vinyl Silhouette America Silhouette Portrait Silhouette Machine Silhouette Cameo Tutorials Silhouette Projects Clear Stickers Printable Stickers. Add fun glow-in-the-dark embellishments on any surface. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 2, Speed 7, Force 14, Passes 1, To take a look at all of the scratch-off sticker paper projects, click here. The Silhouette Mint™ stamp kit contains all the materials you need to start creating your own custom stamps. 2. Separate a tiny area at the corner of the sheet to determine which side is the sticker paper. To point out the obvious- white waterslide paper is printed on a white background, whereas clear waterslide paper prints the decal on a clear background, meaning the background will blend in with the printed ink. This product is sold in a package of three sheets that measure 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio. Sticker Paper – Clear, Glow-in-the-dark, Glitter, White -A Printer! This vinyl is not meant to be removed (compared to the matte vinyl that is intended to be more removable) and comes in rolls that measure either 9 inches by 10 feet or 12 inches by 6 feet. Jan 19, 2019 - If you have been wondering if you can print on vinyl then this tutorial is for you! Back to Materials List, Are you ready to make adorable, tiny things? Note: The 12-inch roll size fits best in the CAMEO, but it can be cut down to fit the Portrait or Curio. This product is sold in packs of eight 8.5-inch-by-11-inch sheets of printable clear sticker paper and is also available in glow-in-the-dark. Maybe such a slight difference that your printer can tell, but you can't. Glitter Heat Transfer Faux Leather Paper They have their own adhesive backing. Simply draw a bunch of squares onto your paper (in the software) beside each other and start cutting. Machine: Curio sheets. It’s gentle enough for most indoor walls, but resilient enough to withstand the sun and weather. Contents: 2 stamp sheets, 2 stamp mounts, and 2 labels, To purchase the stamp sheet set, click here. Back to Materials List. 7. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 2, Speed 5, Force 33, Passes 1 If you are looking to emboss or deboss on vellum, the Curio is the only machine that can add these effects. Add creative embellishments to double-sided adhesive cardstock, fabric projects, and so much more. Place the sticker paper – Feed the sticker paper into the tray and print your design. Our expert crafters have hand-tested the Silhouette Cameo® 3 with OnlineLabels sticker paper to bring you the exact cut settings for each material. This makes the sticker fiend in me very happy. Some brands have specific products for inkjet printers or laser printers, while others are compatible with both. Check out the step-by-step video below to see how you can make your own, custom hot foil print & cut stickers: Cotton Fabric – Printable With Silhouette’s specialty media, you can design creative effects on magnet paper, faux leather, sticker paper, and so much more. It has a white liner backing that allows you to Print & Cut your design. (Get more sticker paper project ideas. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Back to Materials List, Use printable cotton canvas with the Print & Cut feature to create personalized fabric adornments from your favorite photos and designs. Place your sticker paper on the silhouette mat. The CAMEO can accommodate its width as is. Leatherette Sheets The material is manufactured with transfer tape already adhered so you can cut small and intricately detailed designs. Try to find paper that fits your needs. Magnet Paper – Adhesive Back to Materials List. Adhere one side of the sheet to another piece of media. Some of my most favorite Silhouette products are the printable adhesive papers–they have white, kraft paper, clear–because there are so many fun options for labels and tags. This product is sold in a package of one roll  that measures 12 inches by 5 feet. Back to Materials List, Use adhesive magnet paper to apply a magnetic backing to any shape. Rhinestone Transfer Tape, Fabric Ink Transfer tape is not meant to be cut with your Silhouette machine. We’re itching for spring over here and trying to infuse every project with it! You can purchase scratch-off material in silver, gold, or printable finishes. ... Back to 3D Printing. It should be sticky, but not so sticky that it rips your paper. You can buy sticker paper in clear, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and white finishes. If you’d like to purchase any metallic heat transfer, click here. The material is manufactured with transfer tape already adhered, so you can cut detailed projects. The removable matte adhesive vinyl is a self-adhesive, high-grade vinyl that is well equipped for a large array of outdoor and indoor applications, including decals, advertisements, quote walls, and outdoor decorations. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 1, Speed 7, Force 17, Passes 1, To look at the different patterns and purchase the washi sheets, click here. Secret to Preventing Smeared Ink on Silhouette Printable Clear Sticker Paper ~ Silhouette School. Back to Materials List, In need of a reflective shirt for your early morning runs? Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 4, Speed 3, Force 29, Passes 1 With vinyl you can apply precisely cut designs to almost any surface. Back to Materials List, Stamp sheet set is perfect for users who already own the bases from the stamp kit and only need more stamp sheets to keep creating new stamps. With Print & Cut, you can use your free Silhouette Studio® software to create a design (or use a Print & Cut design from the Silhouette Design Store) and print it out on your home printer. Vellum Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 2, Speed 8, Force 4, Passes 1, If you’d like to purchase stencil vinyl, click here. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Rhinestones come in three standard sizes (10ss, 16ss, and 20ss) and twelve assorted colors—aqua, champagne, metallic, black, clear, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, amber, and orange. Give your projects a cool feel with metallic vinyl. Back to Materials List. Write with chalk on the black surface to create unique designs or use Silhouette Chalk with a pen holder to draw designs with your machine. Transfer Tape, Silhouette adhesive cardstock makes it easier than ever to cut words and shapes in intricate detail, and you don’t even have to bother with glue. Wood Paper Sheets, Glossy Vinyl The versatile cutters coupled with high-quality sticker paper can help you create custom stickers, product labels, and more. Otherwise, you will have to trim it down so that it fits in the Portrait or the Curio. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 4, Speed 3, Force 29, Passes 1, If you would like to view more projects with chalkboard cardstock, click here. Double-sided Adhesive Sheets Peel your sticker sheets off the mat. If you’d like to purchase glitter heat transfer or see what colors are available, click here. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Back to Materials List. Simply print designs onto this unique paper with an inkjet printer. Simply feed it through an inkjet printer and cut out the printed fabric with your Silhouette machine. Back to Materials List, Create a professional, screen-printed look on apparel and fabric with stencil vinyl and Silhouette’s fabric ink. To take a look at Silhouette’s sketch pens, click here. Waterslide Decal Paper Instructions: 1. The package comes with three 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheets and with either a clear or white finish. Use these products with your Silhouette Mint™ to create personalized stamps. Metallic Vinyl Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio. Silhouette’s chipboard is great for adding dimension and rigidity to a variety of projects. With the Silhouette Print & Cut feature, you can make all kinds of custom magnets from photos and other designs. This material is made to make stamps using the Cameo or Portrait and an ink pad. Back to Materials List. Silhouette Cut Settings: PRINTER PAPER I rarely cut regular printer paper (typically 20lb) with my Silhouette. First, you need to think about the proper medium to print your stickers on. Back to Materials List, Do you have an awesome glow-in-the-dark idea? Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 6, Speed 3, Force 33, Passes 2, To view all of the projects that include leatherette sheets, click here. Note: The 12-inch roll works best for the CAMEO, and the 9-inch roll is perfectly suited for the Portrait. Note: The glitter heat transfer is available only as a 12-inch roll. by 11 in. Back to Materials List, Faux leather paper has fabric-like qualities and feels similar to leather, but it is actually paper. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 1, Speed 6, Force 10, Passes 1, To view all the colors available or to purchase any reflective heat transfer, click here. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Stickers are commonly printed on either paper or vinyl. (the Silhouette machine is not a printer, it is just a cutting machine) – Paper (sticker paper, cardstock paper, etc.) This product is sold in packages of five sheets. The glossy permanent vinyl has strong adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. Back to Materials List, These anodized metal sheets are perfect for etching because the colored surface contrasts with the silvery aluminum underneath. Wash Away Fabric Stabilizer, Smooth Heat Transfer x 60 in. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 1, Speed 5, Force 10, Passes 1 Back to Materials List, Use stencil sheets (with or without adhesive backing) to make temporary stencils. Once you have it, stick it to the mat and feed it into the Cameo or Portrait. To purchase your own magnet paper, click here. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Machines: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 1, Speed 3, Force 8, Passes 1, To purchase this printable heat transfer, click here. On the remaining adhesive side, you can use embossing powder, glitter, or flocking powder to create intricate designs that pop off the page. Back to Materials List, The Silhouette Mint uses 5 ml bottles of ink that you apply to your stamp. And the adhesive backing lets you move directly from the cut job to your project. Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Use the 8.5 inches by 11 inches template kit with rhinestones to cut patterns, arrange rhinestones, and transfer the rhinestones to clothing, cards, and more. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 3, Speed 4, Force 20, Passes 1, You can find the gray duct tape sheets here and the white duct tape sheets here. Knowing the differences between them will help ensure you get the results you want.Paper labels. This product is sold in rolls of 12 in. If you would like to purchase adhesive cardstock, click here. – Silhouette Machine – Silhouette Mat – Silhouette Studio Program. To view all of our heat transfer–related projects, click here. Suggested Cut Settings: Blade 3, Speed 4, Force 20, Passes 1, You can purchase the wood sheets here. This fabric stabilizer can be applied to material and then washed away after your material is cut. Machines: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio. Suggested Cut Settings: Speed 10, Force 18, Passes 1, You can find our metal stippling projects here. Adhesive Cardstock (single-sided) Back to Materials List. Printed on clear sticker paper and then cut with your machine, they’re the perfect addition to cards, planners, or home decor! Machine: CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio Back to Materials List, Silhouette’s temporary tattoo material applies easily with water, generally last a day or two, and can be removed with a washcloth and warm water. Back to Materials List, Silhouette cork sheets are thin enough to cut, but they still have the corkboard look. 4. instead of printing your stickers and wasting ink until you get it right – you simply load the paper (and optionally the mat) into your machine and start cutting squares.
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