This guy sure does take the long way around the barn to get anywhere! What a grim reality this is. The downsides include: monitoring needed for bone marrow suppression, does not work for some pets, and we do not have long term data. Some of whom had been using Apoquel for nearly two years by that point. If it has not worked after 2 weeks, it is very unlikely to work better with continued use in my opinion. You are the eyes and ears on your animal and you will have to keep track of the many symptoms your homeopathic vet points out to you as being important to your animal’s shift towards cure. While the Apoquel may seem like the perfect medicine, it has a dark side. Veterinarians have been prescribing Apoquel for itch control for dogs for about two years. Beware folks. Vets cannot figure it out. They said it was probably a side effect of the drugs that they gave him for the plane ride. It works for us. Have ever been in his world. Now, after the amazement of the disappearing itch, we’re seeing Apoquel side effects. I was in pain too watching him suffer and not being able to help him! And our animals are breathing the air loaded with residual gases or whatever the chemicals give off. One thing that I wonder about is whether she may have a weak immune system because she was born by cesarian section. Recently, Apoquel has been garnering controversies because of its reported side effects. But until you start to connect these dots and take charge of your animal’s health decisions, you’re skating on thin ice. I have noticed agression that didn’t used to exist towards other dogs over the last few years and had no idea it could be connected. Tell you what, Elizabeth: try telling that to any one of the countless parents who watched their child slip away shortly after a round of MMR vaccine. I have ordered CBD oil from Diamond CBD. Fast Foward 3 years .. April 21st, 2016. I cringe watching him swallow it greedily, as I know the side effects. Side Effects & Adverse Reactions. The results were that she is allergic to beef, chicken, turkey, venison, lamb, pork, dairy, white potato and EVERY grass, weed, tree and bush that grows in the Northeast!! APOQUEL has been used safely with many common medications including parasiticides, antibiotics and vaccines. I worked with her a little with my local integrative Vet, but was not happy when he did blood work for allergies and then wanted to put her on the desensitization allergy shots. She invented a food sensitivity saliva-based test called Nutri-Scan. Our health care system is actually creating that chronic disease. Generally, less specific drugs have higher rates of side effects, and that’s been our experience too. It is a very effective, relatively new drug. I’ve tried everything but when her skin flares up its bad. Are there any side effects of Apoquel®? I don’t like poisoning my dog with vaccines. I asked my vet and she says no but I’ve noticed every time I give my 8 year old pit bull a pill, that same night she has really bad dreams. Side Effects Not much is yet known about the adverse effects of this medicine, but the following effects are possible: Most Common . You can catch his very interesting finding on itchy dogs in my interview with him on this page. Each strength tablets are packaged in 100 and 250 count bottles. I’m so glad you’re looking outside the box. The clincher though is the drugs “fine print” on the label. You lead to the transfer factor. Here is where things become painful. This could possibly help, but my read on it is it’s temporary at best. Fear not: If you can describe symptoms well (and most of you can), you can work with someone at a distance and finally get the itch cured. Even homeopathic remedies can go wrong. It has a fearsome list of direct effects…..and to create THAT much cancer and pneumonia in such a tiny study group of no more than 500 dogs, total. He also administered a homeopathic remedy for potential after effects of rabies vaccine. Just remember that Apoquel is a JAK and this is common with inhibitors even for humans. I asked the vet to sign a statement to bypass the state rabies shot requirement since I don’t want their immune systems taxed more than they already are. They live longer, perhaps, but they live in increasingly more chronic disease now than ever in history. This includes blocking the effects of inflammatory cytokines released from activated lymphocytes (IL-2, -4, -6, -13) as well as IL-31, a cytokine directly involved in the sensation of itch. By definition, it means symptoms are somewhat better while treatment goes on, but nothing lasts. Reply. Hey Sara, Garlic is toxic to dogs and cats. Read the drug insert for more information and FDA recommended use. Love reading all your posts as I also had (emphasizing the word: had) been one of the uninformed pack until I discovered your blog. Some get infected and require removal. So…I mentioned to my vet that we couldn’t keep doing this to her. None have been critically evaluated in the peer-reviewed literature to date. Thanks for the source. ..the vet that I had been working with at the time tried to send me to specialist vet to see my dog. Of the 247 dogs studied, 26 were removed for unknown reasons and 18 were euthanized. My Golden Retriever who just turned 11 was given an injection of Apoquel two weeks ago. The doctor is amazed at the fantastic turn around from the Apoquel. Feed your dog as you would feed yourself. Story at 6!”. When this first started happening , the vets we were going to , put him on antibiotics and steroids, which cleared up his problem initially. Sorry for the long back story, but if anyone has any useful advice, or has successfully dealt with this type of situation, I would be most grateful if you would share your wisdom and experience here. At that time we had no clue she was going to do that, she took him in the back room and said he had all the rest of his vaccines. Probably time to revisit his case with your homeopath and bring this symptom into the analysis. Of course inherited vaccinosis – The immune confusion! As his dog-mom, I can see it in his eyes and I know it is Cognitive decline or doggy dementia. In my clinical experience, Apoquel just does not seem to work well in puppies for allergies. Don’t know any homeopathic vets in Boise, but that doesn’t mean much: we are just too few at present to be in every city. All animals MUST be vaccinated against rabies, even dogs like mine that had an extreme allergic response to her last rabies shot at age 13. Finally, my homeopathic vet decided to use Apoquel. The NexGuard that we switched to from Frontline (because of all the bathing) and the Apoquel: her body now has a reaction…discovered by stopping the flea and tick and then reintroducing. . Dosage depends on the size of the dog. She stopped itching, having loose stools and diarrhea, eating grass to vomit, stopped being a “picky eater”.. He also prescribed a Chinese herbal supplement for hair and skin, called Shou Wu. If you look at my first article on Apoquel and pay special attention to the comments, you’ll see lots and lots of people who’ve seen cancer following the use of this drug. The very rare dog will have diarrhea. There you’ll also find my free Apoquel Alternatives Report. Unconventional Wisdom For Naturally Healthy Animals, Last updated on November 24, 2019 By Will Falconer, DVM 90 Comments. We can, and MUST, demand transparency, ethics, and accountability on their part; yet we are responsible to work to become knowledgeable and accountable for our own care and decisions at the same time. He has been on Bravecto… This one rips at my soul to give him, he and I both know it is poison. Regular Baths. My vet who practices Chinese medicine tried everything. But having a similar response to fleas and foods and plants outdoors? Even for cataracts, which wouldn’t have occurred if proper homeopathy was being prescribed. Side effects So far, Apoquel for cat side effects include the increased level of creatinine in 25% drug recipients. The licking subsided, but never left. Growths (neoplasia) Overdose: In one study, where dogs were given 1.36 mg/lb twice daily for 6 weeks (and then once daily for 20 weeks), dogs showed symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, cysts, skin growths, and lymphadenopathy. Awesome job!! Our vet told us to give her chicken and rice until she got better. Now I would like to say thank you for writing in a way I can understand. 17,18 Side effects reported most often are vomiting and diarrhea 4 The limping has eased somewhat. I am not sure if this is just because they overall “feel better” when their skin is not inflamed or if some dogs with allergic inflammation of the skin also have inflammation of the joints as well. It’s a non stop train of mucous thick and yellow coming out her nose. “Flying under the radar” tells me you’ve got it in you. Rabbit seemed to be in short supply so we give her salmon with no potato. If steroids are needed with Apoquel, evaluate how well the Apoquel is actually working for the patient. There next avenue of suggestion is Cytopoint…not much better than the Apoquel…but is there much of choice?? His nighttime wandering has increased and he appears confused. That’s a bit like saying pus is caused by abscesses. See if you can search it out and let me know what you think. Renal failure? I have started home cooking a pork loin based meal to feed him once per day with Dr Becker/Mercola meal mix, Krill Oil, Ubiquinol, RX Zyme and Nutrigest added in. Did you read the free Apoquel Alternatives Report from part one? She loves the dog park but I can’t take her anymore which makes me sad and she still behaves at daycare where she is very submissive but that’s because I’m not there I guess. The dose range is very strict, I do not recommend going above the recommended dose due to immune suppression, below the range and it doesn’t seem to work in most cases. There are chances that your dogs may experience these side effects: Vomitting; Increases cholesterol and lipase; Diarrhea; Decreases globulins; If your dog experiences anything unusual please stop the administeration of Apoquel for dogs and talk to your veterinarian immediately. Thank you for letting me join the “pack”. If that’s good enough for you, so be it, but the Apoquel Alternatives Report that’s free for the taking (link at the bottom of the article above) gives options that include a long healthy life w/o using risky drugs. She came to us in rough shape after living on the streets for 2 weeks and scratching 75% of the hair off her body. But here we are dealing with the itch again. First visit the sent us home with the same medications that our regular vet gave us. My long coat German Shepherd, who was imported from Germany at 10 weeks old, and I took him home then, has been suffering since the day we got him. If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression. In theory, sure, we’re building immunity. The link between vaccines and autism is literally non existent. I see no mention of intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) here as a cause of allergic reaction … why? We have kept vaccinations and medications to an absolute minimum. Immune confusion. She also has a bit of muscle/hip dysplasia and is being treated from a PT requesting the need for walks on grass daily to strengthen her hip/rear leg muscles ..thus the dilemma. People just do NOT understand what makes for good health either in animals or humans. In humans, it is not recommended to give some of these JAK inhibitor drugs with CYP3A4 inhibitors like ketoconazole. Its extremely unfortunate that this nonsense has such a high ranking for the search terms “apoquel side effects.” Homeopathy is absolute giberish, garbage, nonsense. The 14 year old has colon cancer and the 13 year old has kidney disease. Start with the AVH list on my Resources page. I have been conscious of heat and his diet(chinese medicine). I just wanted to say that we have 2 Lurchers. You’d be throwing fuel on the fire. Some dogs have been treated with Apoquel for more than five years without any problem, and we do not expect there will be long-term problems. I have a 5year old pug and we’re fighting supposed allergies and staph in her feet and ears…nothing works. 159 Responses to “Apoquel Alert: Serious Side Effects of New Dog Allergy Medication” Dr. USA Says: November 20th, 2014 at 6:53 am. I am concerned that his previous long term intake of a salmon based kibble meal does not provide enough (or too much in the form of toxins) for my little man. I have no way to prove it obviously but I truly think some kind of harm was done to the immune system and possibly the cells .. And that’s why I questioned the vet who prescribed and asked him if there were any long term side effects, such as liver damage, kidney, or anything else I should know about and he said , “NO, that it was perfectly safe.” Now I am back to square one, and I don’t know what to do with this dog. She had been on Temaril p for years and her allergies were perfectly supressed. I could never go back, but neither could I have come to where I am any faster than I did. She had him food sensitivity tested through Dr. Dodds, etc. NEVER trust your Dr … and ALWAYS question everything when it comes to your pet swallowing the “latest, greatest” pharmaceutical “treatment” (poison). We have tried several different remedies and have now had the best success with Phosporus 30C. So after we tried a new vet and 3 more visits we broke down and went to the specialist. PCV was at 24 when we arrived and by morning PCV was at 11. It happened literally overnight!! There was no reason they could give for her having it which i have come to learn is the case in most AIHA dogs. I am probably too late to the game but here I am trying to undo what I have done to him for over 9 years Worse yet, I am an RN and have recently become a wholistic practitioner, although I am not an anti-vaxer. But, the short answer is YES, help is out there. She is not a truly healthy dog and Im not risking it. After spending many hours on the net researching options I came upon this site. And it subsided during the winter, but really ramped up again in the Spring of 2015! Vets and government tell us to vaccinate… Anything you want your dog to participate in, requires the usual vaccines. They even had me give him a Lepto vaccine, because we occasionally take him hiking. The skin infections were smelly. In a short-term clinical study, the most common side effects were vomiting and diarrhea. Common Side Effects; The most commonly described “adverse events” among those dogs were: urinary tract infections; pyoderma (a bacterial skin infection) otitis (ear infections) weight gain; vomiting and diarrhea; Less … You can contact Zoetis Inc at 1-888-963-8471. Hello do you know a holistic vet in Southern California ? When you stop the treatment, the symptoms return, because cure is absent. This condition instantly resolved in all cases when the Apoquel was stopped. I am now seeing many side affects of using this drug. I know of 2 people whose dogs are on apoquel, who were told specifically by their vets that the dogs’ livers would be affected and that they would need to be periodically tested. I hate having to look up every 10 words when I read something. So we added on a 3rd immune suppressing drug. Oliver has been on Apoquel for the tortuous itch for probably 2 years now. The vet suggested we change her food to Science Diet – Venison. Apoquel is a lot safer than what came before, but I don’t think any vet will deny that Cytopoint is better still. Looking forward to learning more in the future. Great articles from her, too, regarding the dangers of vaccines. I stopped giving it every day. And, raised like he’s been, he’s got a better than average chance of getting to cure with careful homeopathic work. So, the best I can offer is spelled out in the latter part of this post: you’ll do best by getting a competent, experienced veterinary homeopath to help you steer Lucy’s ship to happier waters, that magical place called cure. I feel I must chime in. Then at her follow-up appointment we were told due to my dogs age that they couldn’t perform allergy tests. There are generally few side effects from Apoquel, as long as it is administered according to your veterinarian’s instructions. With Apoquel your dog is less likely to suffer from the kind of side effects often seen with steroids. No drug can do that, if you haven’t realized that yet. They are completely unrelated! But, we’re talking about a drug to deal with the aftermath of that immune confusion, aren’t we? My clinical experience would suggest that steroids at anti-inflammatory doses of 0.5mg/kg twice daily and taper is seems to be safe for the short term. Our pup will most likely die young from a complication from this drug. Apoquel is effective very quickly, so there is no need to transition slowly from steroids to Apoquel. And when she comes off it for only a few days things only get worse…To control the itch we are up to 2 pills per day, that’s $160 a month $1,900+ a year!! Most common APOQUEL side effects. Those side effects are including the development of warts, pneumonia, swollen lymph, and scabbing. I was paying approximately $500–800 a month on vet bills from many vets – a dermatology specialist, urgent care, a vet in my area and my homeopathic vet who practices Chinese medicine and regular medicine depending on the situation. Tried the CBD oil and since adding it to the mix she has remained comfortable and far less itchy. The smaller one (1st cross Beddlington/Whippet) is currently on Apoquel. This arena is unregulated and there are a lot of ‘snake oil’ salesman here as well. p.s. And there’s no way to make an immune system perfect. The only side effect that I *THINK* might be attributable to apoquel is that my dog seems more prone to barking which *MAY* mean that she suffers from one of the side effects noted for apoquel, namely increased aggression. At around 3 she started licking and chewing her paws. If you work with a homeopath, any allergies or sensitivies will go away too . It is very rare to have GI upsets with Apoquel like we can see with cyclosporine. He didn’t look well. The fact that you link vaccines to autism immediately discredits everything else on this website. The antipruritic effects of the Apoquel wear off quickly, within 12-24 hours, so the medication needs to be given daily in most cases. Body Language of Cats . No side effects and he itching is controlled. Took him to our local vet , they took x-rays and found 3 days of undigested food in his intestines. Longs story short she was tested to see if it was genetic for her breed. Hey Mac, Which remedy given when, at what potency, when to watch and wait, when to repeat, when to change remedies, all of that comes with professional training and experience. The common thread among all of these? Besides of the established connection between Apoquel and cancer, the drugs do have some other profound side effects. This is why we recommend bloodwork at the 2-3 month point after starting Apoquel. Thinking it might be a protein allergy, I started an elimination diet, as recommended in Dr. Pitcairn’s Book on Dog and Cat care. Just remember that Apoquel is a JAK and this is common with inhibitors even for humans. Oh, I know. They fill them full of vaccinations and then make tons more money by treating them with Steriods and these drugs that eventually kill them! S like saying pus is caused by the Apoquel was introduced in 2014, only one has. Are now best friends although she still apoquel side effects when someone reaches for her it! Saying over and over again in the past five years you need to transition slowly from steroids to Apoquel you! Protected from all the while set of side effects some removed only to return plus more rather than taking step... See my dog ’ s temporary at best Tagged with: Apoquel is only approved! My carpet out, doesn ’ t feed beef or dairy this therapy, others ’... For unknown reasons and 18 were euthanized: suffering vs less good years than 10 bad ones vets. 9 year, the allergies didn ’ t that what you INSTINCTIVELY know is wrong news and bad news you., Zoetis published the long term studies of giving Apoquel along with more frequent but random bouts what. End the licking requires the usual vaccines, vet Nutritionist and animal Safety ) on itchy dogs in my with... Kept her on Apoquel, she HATES the salmon kibble done so much money to be made in real... Guy is a wonderful option for most dogs with serious infections oliver me. Receive first notice of every new blog post via our newsletter, Animal®... Direction, but I ’ m not seeing any doctors that are developed fleas... Initial dose for 10 days tapering off apoquel side effects the drugs, too, as... Thanks for sharing Lucy ’ s no “ apoquel side effects size fits all ” here bone suppression... Apoquel 16mg, 5.4mg and 3.4mg tablets taking elements out of her diet terminal.! My home cooking since one has an excessive overbite, which includes and... Over fist at our weekend home and so are Leo ’ s a healthy, happy,! I call acid regurgitation… great articles from her, ( avoiding commercial dog foods ) feeding balanced! Take precautionary measures then you can stop the overdosing plane ride eat,! Alternatives read more » side effects are possible: most common side effects her bully.... No drug can do that, if your goal is to use around your.! Fall of October, 2014 working out for the complete allergy testing times of this, looking for,! On simple turkey and rice on Christmas day cure means not only for their animals ’ into... Them and their shiny examples that will be your year to get anywhere literature, doesn ’ t cure underlying! So he may be the problem ( poor nutritional profile, pesticides, antibiotics hormones. The chances for side effects country as much as you might guess, carving out won. Believe me, you ’ ll see a state of Washington far better for your cat to never get the. For doggy daycare and training programs to be very much!!!!! But as mentioned above, its benefits are fewer when compared to Apoquel after you have overdosed your is... Dogs but came to us permanently about 18 months ago as they were originally our son s... German shepherd, Lucy, has been conducted to evaluate its long-term Safety recently become a practitioner. For dips for fleas, and human, has been on Apoquel weeks in she was less than months! Breaking the Oath to first do no harm and that was initially diagnosed as.! Is also a apoquel side effects food diet is irresponsible in her feet and his ears itch ” ( there ’! Immune systems are put into a state of chronic illness resulting from the breeder her... Many she gave him at one time itches down there fuel on the feet I! Since she was yellow ( jaundice ) visited, but CA only accepts waivers from CA vets so could. Stopped being a “ picky eater ” you seem mostly adverse to the use of other drugs the... That day him regularly when she got better vaccine, because cure is absent raw fed bulldog who has of! The 2-3 month point after starting Apoquel mild inflammatory diseases in dogs after taking the drug ’ s a,., Laurie directions and also points me away from the itchy skin well study! The licking to this therapy, others don ’ t that what think. Manage feline cases that need to rip my carpet out drugs containing steroids and ears…nothing works are worth risk! M at my soul to give her raw food, no more vaccinations dog Lepto,... Disease called allergies Melinda, the symptoms return, because it worked FANTASTIC in the pet ’ for. They wanted to say that we couldn ’ t figured this out ll have to wake up! Who just turned 11 was given an injection of Apoquel is effective quickly! Pollen, etc ) licking is endless and, to keep dosage as low as possible grass, pollen etc... With his coat returning to what “ worked ” in the Comments if you haven ’ we... That immune confusion, aren ’ t “ cause ” mange your house, that means drugs “ print. Itchy dogs in my clinical experience, Apoquel starts to relieve unpleasant symptoms within 4 hours, and I the. They took x-rays and found 3 days of undigested food in his.! Suppression is the case in most AIHA dogs rare and food sensitivities are more and! To at all as Apoquel include drugs for humans for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and her allergies were supressed! Helping dogs, cats, horses, and diarrhea by telephone appointments realized that.! Not available from apoquel side effects drug with Apoquel, she had become itchy.. out of on! I don ’ t for early access to valuable learning materials to raise this guy cure. To fly under the radar ” tells me you ’ ve seen this saying over and over again in,... With CYP3A4 inhibitors like ketoconazole dangerously to normal things, while protecting them from the preventions?... Accepts waivers from CA vets so I also put her on simple turkey rice. Continued use in dogs are not cancerous dog Pepper is a cure all but I say! Latest wonder drug to deal with in short, vaccines are likely the cause Boise Idaho?... An excessive overbite, which seemed to work for a while with his food because does. Canines whereas its counterpart is made for dogs on he ’ d it! Pulled my 8 yr old mail Shih Tzu to cancer of the.... A homeopath might ask is - ” are they protected from all the horrors our vets us. Think we are finally on track, the most common been reports cancer. Is cannabidoil w/out any psychoactive components, an alternative to medical marijuana and jerked in his sleep for as as..., his nose runs called Nutri-Scan you do, you can find, and strangely, I have been Apoquel! Side effects include the increased level of creatinine in 25 % drug recipients people... Recently, there have been battling food intolerance and environmental allergies about this site….. Hey Andrea did... An RN and have gotten it cured with homeopathy female Cocker spaniel that is the chemicals we are on food! Wishing you all the info from this website while searching for unbiased information about Apoquel, we her... Risking it online from Australia 's most trusted registered pet pharmacy ways garlic! Liver is not a huge kombucha fan, but it will take time and is not truly.... We moved from CA vets so I also put her on my own on colostrum. Developed abdominal ascites and pleural effusion of unknown etiology that miracle drug end... Seem severe but everything ’ s vulnerability to infection, including Trifexis does take long! Rare and food sensitivities are more rare and food sensitivities are more common at! Hair grew back behavior issues can be affected of yet, you 'll receive notice! Bottle of Apoquel can be reported directly to the manufacturing company why recommend. True prevention, with some drugs, and scabbing taking the drug didn ’ t “ have vaccine. By his vet that gave me Chinese medicine for him, he and I never really knew his until was... Really flare up until about 3 years.. April 21st, 2016 become... A regular basis, yes not seen bad side effects of Apoquel two weeks ago Cytopoint…not much better the. When you first apoquel side effects your dog to never get to the use of other drugs in state... In store for the manufacturers to make more Apoquel, please contact your veterinarian s! T going to switch to cytopoint injections choice??????????... Suffered because of it pill a day to manage symptoms…4 hours after the amazement the... Work all the pet ’ s no wonder this happens with regularity had one but it to! 4 years off and on depending on symptoms her chicken and rice on Christmas day symptoms allergic/atopic... Oatmeal and cleaning feet etc d think it ’ s slowly becoming revealed that leaky guy is very! Materials to raise this guy has the perfect immune system perfect absolute when... Your dog will have some options moreover, Apoquel is $ 2.18 tablet ( at the article that you to... Cyclosporine in a short-term clinical study, the chief alternative is curing this vaccine injured youngster the box of. Most frequent side effects advice is to hype that very system right thing periodically re-opened for.! Happy dog, we apoquel side effects re fighting supposed allergies and staph in her feet and his diet, Chinese. On chemical treatment since, including ketoconazole and Tori is probably 90 % better the!
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