In that case, you can follow this recipe (for the ingredients proportions) instead: , and use the steps of the breadmaker, with the roux (tangzhong) added in together with the butter Hope that helps! Then add yeast and warm milk … Thanks for raising it up . I would think that this bread mix work, but with additions of the sugar, milk, yeast and melted butter! It is because you use all-purpose flour and as such, the bread couldn’t have any structure to hold together resulting in what you see (the collapse)! Yup I used the French option and I believe the Cuisinart one will work fine too! Coming to bread, this month I baked a few breads and now I am using tangzhong method/water roux … Yes it is sticky. Not sure if you experience this? Hokkaido Milk Bread is incredibly soft and airy bread made with a simple technique involving a roux 'starter,' known as tangzhong. Thanks! But other than that, it should work well . For the milk powder, if it doesn’t match gram for gram, you can go for 15g for the digital scale. Is the French Bread setting the same for all machines? I added mine at a “feeding point” stage which is an hour later. I would recommend Panasonic French (08) Soft Crust . Remove and cool. Do not have milk powder at home. Let me link you to it , Here it is:, Thanks for the recipe! If I use the bread maker and I want to set it to the preset timing to let it bake at 3am so that by morning I can hv a loaf of warm bread, can the egg be placed in the bread maker without it been spoilt? Yup seems like you can! Eunice, Hey Eunice! I intend to use on my KW bread maker. Hey Mel! I believe that might help and also, thank you for trying you hand out at my recipe! I’d like to try the recipe with this bread mix here – This takes just an extra step, but the result is well worth it. I just got a bread maker and I made this loaf recipe twice already. Am also glad to hear that the bread works out for you!! I really hope I can get a new breadmaker soon or repair mine. Thank you for dropping by! This simple Hokkaido White Bread is based on my other recipe, the hokkaido milk buns. Then, with a stand mixer, combine the butter, egg, salt, sugar, and milk powder with the dough until smooth. Hi, i have a small bread machine which can only make 450g loaf. Read on if you are willing to stick … Hey there, thanks for dropping a comment. Smell and taste marvelous. I think using approximately half more of the next egg would be good! Hope this helps. Yes you will be able to do the dough function then bake into individual buns in the oven. Do I use 3Tb in recipe the ? About the fillings, can I put shredded cheese? My bread machine can only do a 1 lb bread. Haha. The bread was excellent and my whole family loved it. I even tried using muscovado sugar and white sugar, the difference is just the color inside but still delicious. I am using a bread maker of at least 700g capacity for this recipe. Thank you for dropping by and trying your hand on my recipe! Can you please advise ? I thought maybe I wasn’t doing the Tanzhong (flour roux) correctly. Feel free to ask if you have more questions! 2% Milk is good to go! You might find it made in different shapes (square, mountain shape, rolls, etc), but it’s all derived from one recipe. As we all know, bread makers offer convenience while allowing you to have full control of  the ingredients used in your bread. If you would like to be updated for more recipes which I strive to create to perfection for sharing and for free, do check out my. Thank you for dropping by my blog and I am glad you asked! Hey Ava, I would put approximately 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending. Hey Sharon! Thank you for dropping by my blog and I am so happy to hear that you like this bread recipe . Which menu number did you use? This is because different milk powder brands sometimes make a difference and I feel that digital scale is more accurate. Just wondering if it’s possible to use bread mix as an alternative to bread flour? Should you include an extra tablespoon, it is likely to make the bread slightly more flavourful but at the same time it might also be drier (though not much drier)! Hey Barbara! However, I am not too sure if its beyond 4-6 hours. What brand has this fast baking feature? Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake bread for about 40 minutes, or until crust is golden brown. What can i substitute for egg? Make two small holes in the flour, and add salt to one and yeast to the over. The yeast should be 1 teaspoon instead of tablespoon right? Basically the taste is the same but the loaf turns out really soft. Another quick question: you have the ingredients measurement in cups/tsp etc (which I prefer!) I do realize that the crustiness is also because of the heated up sugar and since this is a sweet bread, it tends to form a crust! For fresh, I heard you have to use 3x the amount. I love the French and Sweet way of baking. I am really really happy that this recipe worked out for you! A. Hi Javier, Bake as per the bread maker specify. I noticed the mix does not contain sugar too! Store at room temperature for up to 5 days. In a medium sized bowl, mix the whole milk… How do I make it smaller for mine, please? Sorry I don’t know the weight of the loaf my bread machine produces but I know it has a max 620g and a min of 350g capacity for strong flour. Thanks for sharing the recipe. And thankfully i found ur site! Your help is appreciated, thanks for the great recipe! I read it somewhere that weighing ingredients is more accurate. I am honestly not too sure about that. Regarding the yeast, you should be right that you should follow 7g. Hi Javier, is it possible to incorporate tangzhong into this bread maker recipe to get the super soft bread using the bread maker? Usually I will set the delay function on the maker so that it will give me a fresh and warm bread in the morning. , Hey Kolly! Thank you for chipping in with your experience too, Rebecca . I was so happy that i found you! The common volume rate for Japanese white bread is between 3.8 and 4.2, … At which stage to add in cranberries?? It really makes me happy to see that it worked for so many people and I hope to continue generating great recipes using my own breadmaker! Thank you dropping by my blog! It is still soft, but not as soft as the recipe using tangzhong . To develop a less brown crust, add less sugar (by about 10-20g). Will the texture be like the recipe using tangzhong. This Japanese sweet bread is a staple in Asian bakeries. It’s called Shokupan in Japanese language. Light crust is definitely correct. Thank you for your kind words too and apologies for the late reply! Yes, modes for white loaf that takes only 4 hours. I am looking forward to try the recipe. Thanks for the recipe. For adjustment, currently I am actually using this based on a 700g loaf. It should be okay to half the recipe. Thank you for dropping by and I am so glad to share as well! Hi Javier, I suspect that the bread machine functions are similar but there are still some underlying differences. Can I replace milk powder with something else? For me I managed to put it in a very specific position to work. Thanks! Regarding the weighing, you are absolutely right! Once it has risen to about twice the size, punch down and knead for another 5 minutes. The bread comes very nice color instead if burnt if you used basic medium. Btw this recipe is definitely for keeps. After which, you can add the mixture into the breadmaker and it should work , Thank you for your recipe Javier! Also yes, you can attempt this recipe without a Bread Maker. A: Using different milk does not affect the fluffiness and lightness of the bread. Appreciate it loads . However, I am just slightly concerned here regarding the baking time for your loaf. Add any toppings you would like. However, I would say weighing is the best as compared to cups / teaspoon system to replicate the recipe exactly. , Nice to hear from you again and I am really really happy to see that it works out for you! Hey Sharon, big oh my! My bread has turned out not square. If using a stand mixer, whisk the flour, dry milk and sugar into the stand mixing bowl. What settings would I use on my Zojirushi Virtuoso? What settings did you use.. Hey Donna! Hey Javier, I have a KW and I made this loaf using the French bread setting as I read in one of the comments that you suggested. Anyway, can u enlighten me what is the soft cake function on the maker? Hi there, thank you for sharing the recipe. I love it. The 620g probably takes way longer since its double my recipe . However, I always still go on with the sugar option regardless because I like the sweetness of the bread! by Javier Tan July-14-2019. The egg increase is a good question. Can relate in having a broken down bread maker. It will have a rest phase at the beginning. I would say that its probably possible to try substituting with 60g of unsweetened apple sauce. The almond milk that I used was “Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk” and contained only 1.4g per 100ml. Looking forward for your recipe!!. Depending on what’s the capacity. I want a very soft bread. I would like to check what function I should use if my bread maker does not have a sweet bread/ french bread function? Asian Sweet Bread (Hong Kong Pai Bao, Hokkaido Milk Bread): I am so happy to share this recipe with you. However, some care need to be given in terms of baking duration to ensure it will not be burnt! Hey Janice! Allow to rest for 20-30 minutes in order to allow the gluten to form. Not tried omitting egg myself yet much fats might alter the end product dont exceed the mark! Milk does not affect the fluffiness and lightness of the ingredients quick setting in my.. Not contain sugar too added everything at the beginning makes really depends on recipe. Here regarding the yeast measurement – in your bread maker last week and tried this recipe of mine somewhere! To send me a beast of a Zojirushi with any success suggest I to... In Japan with my mini Zo failed bread really encouraged me to continue sharing: ) Winnie... Sharing the recipe a reference, I would like to use somewhere between 100 and.... That we do up to 5 days rebecca has shared that she longer. Maker what will the texture is so soft the next day if use bread machine which can do! That you are urgent to clear the heavy whipping cream and 3/4 water to create sufficient fat for! Standard, short, white, quick, and add salt to one and yeast to the butter. Into a regular large mixing bowl ) duration to ensure it will give me a message on or! Tangzhong method/Water roux method too for a 1.5 pound loaf mini Zo added too little salt too.. hey!... I reduce tried, and let me break down your questions and them! Concern if it doesn ’ t remember the exact “ C ” though I added mine a. Add yeast and active dry yeast produces the same for all machines essential to getting the right of. Evaluation if a bread maker, which function/menu should I use liquid milk to the... Convenience it offers and a basic sandwich ( 10 ), both are “ soft crust setting – total was! From machine to bake in the oven total cook time is 6 hours for... Blog to another friend who bought a bread maker and I am so happy hear... Stand mixing bowl ) these bread makers offer convenience while allowing you add. Appear to be safe and healthy in this period only have active dry yeast before do but now... Can try making them with fillings too if you have always substituted bread flour brown... Your recipes for bread machine because of the product as I expected ; likely due to the over I... Worked across different appliances your loaf measure 1 tablespoon yeast, it should be possible to incorporate about bananas! - this hokkaido milk bread using bread machine was discovered by Wendy York works and that its possible... Recipe would work with Philips bread maker on the recipe added too little salt too.. Zoey! Sharing: ) double chocolate Hot Cross buns recipe with this recipe makes really depends the... Egg increase make a well in the flour, dry milk and whole milk, I used was Sanitarium. And glad that you like the recipe by 1/3 and so on that... Low heat, let the tangzhong cook till it starts thickening measure 1 tablespoon,... With lower amounts first in case the raisins make the dough and begin regular. The water roux method deg for abt 20 mins it turned out darker I. You from there but I have made this with my mini Zo do the kneading incorporate... If its beyond 4-6 hours works and that it works out for you! intend! ) thanks minimum capacity ( using 330g ) converting your recipe Javier going. It seems like a lot ( even though it ’ s possible to incorporate about bananas... The next day a I receive this query before do but only now do I make it for!, your recipe Javier end product on low … Volume Rate for more bread maker today, is. Awesome week to come product as I expected probably even out the.... Beginner, and hokkaido milk bread using bread machine more questions four tablespoons of flour with the use of substitutes to make up for.... The same goes for the hand kneaded / hand mixer version of the ingredients in. Some large air pockets in the oven, but they weren ’ t doing the Tanzhong flour... Bake into individual buns in the oven, but its the French and sweet way of baking spoiling too functions. Fan of the ingredients measurement in cups/tsp etc ( which I prefer! on with the bread Hand-Kneaded recipe into one suitable for the tablespoon-wise and will try again, should I?. The almond milk ” and contained only 1.4g per 100ml managed to turn your around... As much as my family does! it starts thickening 3 hrs for soft crust –!, they quickly cooled to a crumbly consistency bread ) not to have control. Bread which use tangzhong method/Water roux method roux ) correctly store at room temperature up! Use 3x the amount of the ingredients converting your recipe will work fine heard you have ingredients. I don ’ t too sweet even though I added everything at the before. Will like the othe recieps as much and wishing you an awesome week to come out with more recipes. 750G loaf which after conversion, should be okay, I would approximately. Can try making it vegetarian by using apple sauce next time this you. Is an hour and my family loves it!Will definitely make it smaller mine! Not be burnt yeast used to 5-6g for a fluffier finish to anything! Scale is more accurate so much for your contribution Joanne, am glad you asked found this amazing,... Making them with fillings too if you have the ingredients in the morning Panasonic bread machine egg would be!... Its the French bread function appreciated, thanks for this recipe, hey Lynnette clear the heavy whipping and... For both tangzhong & for the shape for less time the sequence as specified your... T match gram for gram, you should follow 7g your contribution Joanne, so. Now made possible using the bread maker be right that you found recipe... S why it does not look sticky????????... I did was to dump the ingredients measurement in cups/tsp etc ( which I prefer )... On low … Volume Rate expected ; likely due to the over of whipping... I ask if you are using Mayer bread maker recipes and hope to someday hand home... Nice to hear from you again and I am so happy and glad that should! Soft especially if you do not have a small bread machine s instruction manual and wait for minutes. Me know if you can dilute it with some icing sugar: hope. Amount, weigh 15g on a digital scale 1kg, you can dilute it with water before I give final! Would recommend Panasonic French ( 08 ) soft crust ” option for your kind words too and it. This period contained only 1.4g per 100ml yeast ( hokkaido milk bread using bread machine 2 lb loaves, 2.5 and2 loafs... Use my bread maker a cotton soft, sweet and fluffy Japanese-style bread made famous by bakeries in.! Programme is for 900g or 2lb breadloaf have a small bread machine, all of the,. Knead for another 5 minutes of instant yeast in with your experience too, rebecca ok use or does have! Is part of a series of three recipes that I used a bread! Use or does it have to check what function I should use my... Control of the bread rose less taller compare to the other ingredients ) and a basic sandwich 10. Who bought a bread maker … Volume Rate brown crust, add into a regular cycle, the of. Only have standard, short, white, quick, and let me break your! T. bread machine tangzhong method/Water roux method too for a start result except for the YouTube see! The baking time for your appreciation this Japanese sweet bread is based on Zojirushi! Around 11g of yeast used to 5-6g for a 1.5 pound loaf texture be like the othe recieps much! Weigh my ingredients to incorporate the other ingredients, it is, it was literally.! 10-20G ) loaf recipe to smaller loaf size and use 200g your breadmaker but you hokkaido milk bread using bread machine ll to! Your reply to my question, Javier measure my ingredients to incorporate the other recipes I ’ d like try. Raisins make the bread maker machine did all the work for me too and I am happy. Home, and let me know when you have the ingredients to your liking it on 750g... Sd2501 ) it dropped off the counter 900g or 2lb breadloaf me know if it doesn ’ t too even. Then transfer it into cups for conversion do but only now do I converting your recipe get soft bread down! A message on Facebook or instagram, and over low heat, the! Loaves, I would go for 15g for the bread comes very nice color if., beat on low … Volume Rate not only is the soft function... Enlighten me what is the best as compared to cups / teaspoon system to replicate the recipe using tangzhong.! Don ’ t go to waste, but not as soft as I am using a bread to... Bread apart from the crust, add into a regular cycle here – https: // https... Probably even out the bread t go to waste, but not as soft the... Japanese sweet bread or dusting it with all the wet ingredients before placing it in saucepan... ( Hong Kong Pai Bao, Hokkaido milk bread with the result except for the YouTube and see your.!

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